Deep See Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd, Singapore, is engaged in versatile activities related to maritime and offshore arena. We have taken foolproof methodology in providing the services to its clientele. Tailor-made solutions given by our handpicked experts beacons the success.

Seven Seas, a competent company, in providing turn-key Fire Protection and Gas Detection Solutions expertizing in special hazards with full range of products for Industrial, Marine as well as offshore fire hazards. We extend our service to design/engineering, sales, service and maintenance of Fire Protection Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Gas Detection Systems, Safety as well as Rescue Products. We offer consulting services and work closely with all IACS members and major EPC Contractors, to qualify firefighting equipment for shipboard /offshore/ Platform installations. Our qualified experts, who know their field inside and out, adhere to all technical, regulatory measures with perfect precision and combine these into ideal concepts to protect people and property.

Our expertise, as given in following majors

  Fire Protection Systems: Water mist Fire Protection Systems & High Pressure Water Fog Sprinkler Systems, low pressure water mist system
  F&G Systems
  Environmental Safety Systems

Services & Engineering:

  Fire Safety Plans
  Fire Integrity Plans
  Naval architect consultancy
  Electro Mechanical Drawings 
  Fitting plan
  Fabrication Drawings
  Installation Drawings


  Fire & Gas Detection Systems.
  Fire Protection Systems
  Environmental Safety System
  Internal Communication System
  Electrical Automation System

Our Technical Services



Complete Marine RHVAC Turnkey Project Management which

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Jacking System

DSOM with collaboration and association with SOE Ocean Engineering Pte Ltd

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Rig Inspection

Our Rig Inspection business unit is focused on providing international drilling contractors

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Pressure Control Equipments

DSOM has proved its mettle with its global presence and extraordinary engineering

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Fire & Gas System

DSOM Singapore, is engaged in versatile activities related to maritime and offshore arena.

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Offshore Accomodation

We offer wide range of marine accommodation outfitting equipment’s & gallery equipment’s

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Fabrication Support

Fabrication & Welding Engineering Services (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Aluminium, etc

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Crewing & Man Power

DSOM is a well integrated company, we provide our clients oil gas and energy recruitment

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Anchoring System

Assembly of anchor winch unit along with supply of anchor wire rope, and pig tail with shackle

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Oil Field Equipment's

DSOM with collaboration with partner companies offer a complete service and repair service of the oilfield equipments

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