Deepsea Offshore and Marine offers Layup Services in Malaysia (Labuan/Brunei Bay/Johor Bahru/Kemaman), Singapore, Thailand, Srilanka and Philippines and other parts of the world with a one stop solution center for all your layup needs

DSOM focuses on integrated ship layup and rig stacking solutions for the offshore industry, giving technical assistance to ships / rigs owners particularly in the areas of maintenance and safety of their ships during layup. DSOM layup package can be tailored to suit owner's requirements either for hot or cold layup

DSOM handles all matters relating to customs/immigration clearance, marine services, rig moves, shipping, ship care services, storage and Logistics


Stages in Layup

Deactivation Stage

  • Planning
  • Shutdown by rig crew
  • Watertight measure
  • Installation of Dehumidifiers
  • Demonstration of equipment running by ship crew
  • Handover by ship crew to layup management company

Layup Stage

  • Layup and drop anchor
  • Regular check and maintenance
  • Monthly reports and logs
  • Monitoring activities 24/7


Reactivation Stage

  • Reactivation Planning
  • Rig crew and maintenance people joining back in phases
  • Service and running of all machinery
  • Layup manpower on standby to help in reactivation

Cold V.S Hot Layup






Aspects of layup - Preservation & maintenance

Routine maintenance usually involves the protection of the machinery against static seizure, dehumidification of accommodation and the engine room, hull protection via strategically placed anodes and blanking of hull apertures, and appropriate protection for all external deck equipment.

  • Shutting off the vessel’s equipment (except emergency fire pump)
  • Dehumidification of spaces
  • External electrical power
  • Maintain safety system
  • Insulation testing of electrical equipment
  • Preserving equipment to manufacturer’s requirement
  • Turning of rotating machinery
  • Draining water system
  • Underwater inspection
  • Blanking hull opening
  • Anode installation